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Natalie O’Sullivan

Musical Director

Our music director Natalie O’Sullivan is a classically trained musician with 20 years experience of teaching vocal, instrumental and classroom music.


She studied piano and flute at the London College of Music and then taught flute and piano as well as aural skills, music theory and vocal workshops for diverse groups and choirs in London schools.


Following a period of teaching music in a French music school Nat now works in schools in Norfolk, where she teaches choirs, flute and music theory as well as the music curriculum to all ages. Alongside this Nat runs several adult community choirs.


She combines her specialist knowledge with a positive, inclusive and personal approach and a real love of learning and music making. 


She also brings attention to detail, infectious enthusiasm, confidence, patience, warmth and a sense of humour to her musical workshops, rehearsals and concerts.


Nat loves to sing and firmly believes that everyone should be able to if they want to; she is a Natural Voice Practitioner. The network’s ethos is summed up by the proverb from Zimbabwe: “If you can walk, you can dance; if you can speak, you can sing.”


We are thrilled that she has become our musical director.

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