FAQs Frequently Asked Questions



  • The website says the choir meet on Thursdays during term time, but no longer having young children I am not really sure what exact dates this means.



 All members are regularly updated about term dates.


  • How long do meetings go on for?

2 hours from 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm


  • What costs are involved?

The first two sessions are free. After this we ask you to become a member of the choir (50p per term) and to pay the subscription fees for the remaining sessions of your first half-term (currently £4.50 per session and £2.50 for concessions). In the event of a session being cancelled, your subscription for the following half-term will be adjusted to account for this.


  • Are you a religious organisation/ choir?

No, not at all, although as part of a broad repertoire we do sing sacred music from a wide range of faiths, as well as other kinds of music. We welcome members from all parts of the community.


  • Do you sing with any kind of accompaniment?

No, we sing unaccompanied. Most songs are sung in 3 or 4 parts or as rounds both, which give a really rich sound.

  • I live locally but I can't drive.

Where possible if we're performing in a concert we try to carpool, and for our regular Thursday evening meetings it may be possible that we can arrange for people with problems travelling to share a lift.


  • Do I have to attend all meetings to keep up to speed or will the odd missed meeting matter?

We do expect choir members to commit to turning up regularly - however we live also in the real world!


Missing an odd meeting is not a hanging offence and most people find it fairly easy to catch up with the songs that they've missed.


Some of our members have heavy commitments at certain times of the year, and choose to drop out for that time and rejoin the following half term as obviously it's hard to catch up after a month, although others with similar commitments come when they can as they enjoy being part of the group and catch up as they can.


  • Is the purpose of these meetings to get ready to sing at a planned concert or event, or is it merely for fun.


Both, we do take part in events and concerts but our main reason for getting together is not focused on performance but a desire to sing. It's a great way to relax, meet people and have fun. For people new to the area it's a great way to find new friends.

  • What standard of singing and previous experience is required?

None, just a desire to sing as part of a group and enjoy singing. We have some members who joined having not sung since they were at school, right through to music teachers, trained musicians and people who sing regularly in other choirs.


  • Will I need to be able to sight read music?

No, all of the songs are taught by ear, although the music for many songs is available for those who prefer it and we provide word sheets or ' communal' words on boards as appropriate


  • I'm a little nervous about coming on my own, do I have to do anything special to join Singer Inspired?


No - you don't even have to have an audition, just turn up, or email or ring for further details ((Watch the local press and our what's coming up section or join our mailing list. Email us at enquiries@singersinspired.co.uk  or telephone 01366 388348 you will be made very welcome.

  • What future events do you have planned?

We have public concerts in May 2009 as part of Festival Week, as well as Summer and Winter concerts on the drawing board, as well as private bookings. (Details of these are or will be in the ' what's coming up' section)

  • Where are these events held? Do they involve much extra time and expense and are they compulsory to attend?


As a community choir most of our events so far have been staged locally. They may take a couple or three hours outside our normal practise sessions but they are not compulsory and we give members plenty of notice.

We try to carpool where possible.

All events are considered on individual merit so we may travel further afield in the future.

  • How do I find out when and where you're performing?


Watch the local press and our what's coming up section or join our mailing list. Or email us at enquiries@singersinspired.co.uk 

Details can also be found on the Downham Market Town Council website  


  • How do I find out about workshops you're running?


Watch the local press, (usually the ' forthcoming events sections of the EDP, Lynn News, and Wisbech Standard) our advertising posters and our what's coming up section or join our mailing list. Email us at enquiries@singersinspired.co.uk 

  • I'd really like you to sing at my event - who do I talk to?


Telephone or email the choir's booking secretary or talk to one of the choir members

Phone 01945 430440  or   07788 411856.



  • Can you teach someone with the worst voice in the world to sing or

  • Can you coach / improve existing singing voices


All we ask is that you want to sing.
And so far everyone who has joined us had ended up being able to sing even if they arrived thinking they couldn’t!

Part of it is about building up confidence – you won’t be singled out to perform
and whichever part you choose to sing in each number you’ll find other members happy to help and support you.

  • Will I be expected to sing a solo ?


Not unless you volunteer! Some songs or arrangements do require solos or duets and then people are asked to volunteer.
There’s no pressure to step forward and do so.



  • What sort of events do you perform at?


So far we’ve sung at various local churches and in festivals, at Mannington Hall as part of a Fenleader project, in Lynn Festival, Downham Festival and Stoke Ferry’s Music Festival as well as performing in seasonal concerts at Downham Town Hall, St Edmunds Church, The Methodist Church, Stoke Ferry, Diamond House and Bexwell Church.


And I’m sure I have probably missed a few !


We’ve also been invited to sing at weddings and private parties.
Last year were deeply saddened but pleased to be invited to sing at the funeral of one of our members.


This year we are singing at a 60th Birthday party as well as Seasonal Concerts in December.

At Christmas we sing a broad mix of songs at our concerts rather than stick with a more traditional carol concert format as our choir is not affiliated to any one faith, nor indeed do you have to any religious affiliation to join us.



  • What is the geographical spread of your concert coverage?


Currently we’ve only performed in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire but it is always possible that that may broaden – we consider each opportunity to perform on its merits.


  • What is the location of the Methodist Church ?

 Paradise Road, Downham Market PE38 9JE

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